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Interested in having your space cleaned but tired of the same, 

boring and unoriginal cleaning services, 

sure they will clean your home but what’s really unique about them? 

 Having a cleaning service that is fun, exciting, unique and personable is something anybody would want in a cleaning service.

Luckily for you its not a fairly tail, our cleaning service is all of that plus more. From Residential, Small Business,Office,and Entertainment Cleanings, we have everything you would need in a cleaning service plus more, so why look any further.

We’ll provide you with reasonable rates, periodic cleaning's, 

Discounts, and flexible scheduling which is available

 7 days a week, depending on your location.

100% Satisfaction 





Risque Roulette's was at KC Black Expo 

Nov 1st-3rd


Risque Roulette's was at the Black Tie Fly charity 

Nov 29th

We Serve Kansas City and the Metropolitan Area's!